An optimalisation of your enterprise, its partners, customers and suppliers, government, and efficiency by innovation and automatisation. WarToga advocatuur has broad and deep experience in these areas in the B2B market and with regulatory frameworks and relationships with supervisors. From complex problems to simple questions, most have been resolved already. Even when blockchain technology or big data analysis is concerned. WarToga advocatuur can assist its clients in confidence to make the right choices when facing imminent or actual problems. 


Corporate law

Advice on mergers, acquisitions, due diligence, transaction management, finance and long term cooperation between entrepeneurs. How will you design your corporate structure, which interests need to be taken into account and how will you balance them?


Simple and complex IT-projects; your partner to identify and mitigate risk in the fields of privacy (GDPR), cloud computing, big data, blockchain, open source software and implementation of new systems and software.

(Complex) contracts

Framework-, call-off-, franchise, distribution-, cooperation-, joint-venture-, shareholders-, corporate agreements and contracts between entrepeneurs and governments.

Professional liability/indemnity

Matters relating to disciplinary action and professional liability/indemnity of auditors, tax advisors, consultants, real estate agents, notaries and attorneys.


Are you compliant with the Data Protection Act, are you struggling with preparation for the GDPR, the e-commerce directive or did a dataleak occur?


Acute legal analyses where the client’s interests take central focus. Representation, negotiation, mediation and solving  problems. Fluent Dutch and English both written and orally.